By Mike LaCrosse

HAMPTON, N.H. (CBS) – Beach-goers in Hampton, New Hampshire, are not happy large crowds are popping up and causing fights.

“I like to think of Hampton as a family, family place,” said Peg Adams.

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“There was a ton of cops here last weekend, and there was a ton. A lot of people that live up here; we’re giving them all the support,” said Heather Ward.

People are hoping the increased police presence will prevent any more problems this summer.

Police in Hampton, New Hampshire, have increased patrols near Hampton Beach in response to fights that have broken out. (WBZ-TV)

“What we’re really experiencing here are events that are coordinated through social media that just gather a mass amount of people to a group in one place,” said Hampton Police Chief David Hobbs.

Hampton Police Chief David Hobbs appeared before the board of selectmen this week to discuss the violence.

He said the large groups aren’t isolated to Hampton Beach. The chief said they’ve stepped up visibility to deter any more crowds.

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“We will continue with these efforts so that we can focus on these issues and be visible, so people can feel safe when they come to this community,” said Chief Hobbs.

Communities up and down New Hampshire’s seacoast are working together to stop the violence.

“We’re reinforcing our patrols. We’re trying to be proactive and get out there,” said Rye Chief Kevin Walsh.

Chief Walsh said the town had an incident over the weekend stemming from people leaving Hampton Beach.

A person was hit in the road after getting out of a car because of a fight.

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“It doesn’t matter if it’s Hampton, Seabrook, North Hampton, Rye, New Castle or Portsmouth; we’re all feeling this. It’s pushing right to everybody’s border,” said Chief Walsh.

Mike LaCrosse