By Dr. Mallika Marshall

BOSTON (CBS) – As COVID-19 restrictions relax, many people are eager to reunite with friends but for some, the pandemic has made them question whether to repair or replace old relationships.

According to a new survey, almost a quarter of people said their friendship quality worsened during the pandemic. And while many friendships are expected to bounce back quickly, a relationship expert at the University of Oxford says your friendship circles will likely change.

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Casual friendships will probably suffer first. People’s jobs change, they’re working from home, and you just don’t run into them as often as before.

You may have become closer with your neighbors and less close with people who live further away.

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On the other hand, maybe Zoom has allowed you to build bonds with people who don’t live nearby.

And what do you do with friends you have fundamental differences with like over mask-wearing, vaccinations, or politics?

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Some people will now choose to hang out with only like-minded people and cut ties with others. Either way, don’t be surprised if you look up and find your circle of friends looks a little different post-pandemic than it did pre-pandemic.

Dr. Mallika Marshall