By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — It may be the offseason, but Tom Brady is at the top of his game. His Twitter game, that is.

He’s probably still in pretty phenomenal football shape, but he’s also sharpening his trash talk skills ahead of the just-announced third edition of The Match, which will feature Brady and Phil Mickelson taking on Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau on July 6.

Brady unleashed a trio of tweets on Wednesday, using the extremely meme-able screen shot of Brooks Koepka rolling his eyes as DeChambeau walked by his chat with The Golf Channel after the final round of the PGA Championship on Sunday.

Brady took no prisoners with his jokes, and mostly went after Rodgers.

That was the tamest of the Tweets. Brady followed it up by going after Green Bay’s decision to kick a field goal in the final minutes of the NFC Championship Game against his Buccaneers last January. That has essentially sealed Rodgers’ desire to get out of Green Bay, and Brady took full advantage of it to mess with his quarterback counterpart’s mind on Wednesday.

That was the second time that Brady took a dig at Rodgers over the field goal on Wednesday, as he sent one out shortly after The Match was announced. But that didn’t include any fancy photoshop work with the Koepka meme.

Brady also poked fun at himself for acting like a pre-teen on Twitter.

Brady was very much going for the green on these swings — or Rodgers’ jugular with that NFC Championship jab. Of course this was all done in good fun, as a way to hype up a golf match that is just over a month away.

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