By Mike LaCrosse

MARSHFIELD (CBS) – On Monday, Plymouth firefighters saved three kayakers who ran into trouble. One of the two of them ended up in the water, which is still very cold, and both are now being checked out at the hospital.

There were two other incidents on Saturday. In Scituate, a Colorado woman drowned when strong waves knocked her and two others into the water. And in Gloucester, two fisherman had to be rescued when they were swept in.

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The warm weather is driving more people into the ocean, which could be dangerous. Marshfield Harbormaster Mike DiMeo is expecting a very busy boating season.

“I’ve already seen this year where people are getting boats with very little experience or no experience,” said DiMeo.

DiMeo took WBZ-TV through the proper procedures every captain should go through before even leaving the dock.

“The saying is, ‘The captain is only as good as his crew.’”

That involves all passengers learning about safety equipment.

“The flares are here, the fire extinguisher is in the back corner,” said DiMeo.

He also went through what to do if there is an emergency.

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“U.S. Coast Guard approval number right there,” DiMeo said, pointing to the number.

State law requires there to be a life jacket for everyone on board. DiMeo recommends keeping the jackets on at all times.

“You should be able to get to your life jacket within three to five seconds,” said DiMoe. “If I hit the water pretty hard, I’m probably going to do okay.”

A new federal law is in effect for this year. It requires the operator of the boat to be hooked up to a kill switch  in the event something happened to them so that the engine would immediately turn off.

“Basically, this is the life blood of the boat that’s not going to start without this.”

DiMeo says you need to know the weather, be familiar with the waterways, let someone know where you’re heading, and over communicate with everyone on board.

“If you are going on the water for the day, you should at least know some basic skills of how to handle the boat,” he said.

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Proper planning and attention to detail the tools needed to keep everyone safe onboard.

Mike LaCrosse