By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — Summer is just around the corner, and few foods bring the season to mind like barbecue. But one food magazine claims Boston is not the place to go in search of good BBQ.

Chef’s Pencil said it analyzed Needham-based TripAdvisor’s ratings of all BBQ spots in the country’s 75-biggest cities. The magazine then ranked the cities based on their average BBQ rating.

Boston was found to have the third-worst BBQ in the country, according to their ratings, only beating Anchorage, Alaska and Plano, Texas. The average TripAdvisor rating for a BBQ restaurant in Boston was 3.82 stars out of 5.

“It’s not that you can’t find great BBQ in places like Anchorage, Plano, Boston or San Antonio, but you really need to choose well or you may not like what you get,” Chef’s Pencil said.

New Orleans and Oklahoma City were ranked as the best BBQ cities in America.

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A Tripadvisor spokesman said they have “no association” with this study.

“In fact, we have concerns about the use of and presentation of Tripadvisor data within the study, inclusive of how they ranked cities and states against each other,” spokesman Brian Hoyt told WBZ-TV in an email. Staff