BOSTON (CBS) — Aaron Rodgers is facing a career crossroads of sorts. He’s reportedly not at all happy with the Green Bay Packers, and though that story has been quiet for a couple of weeks, his displeasure with the organization dates back a while.

At the same time, the Packers organization is facing a rather fascinating decision to make: Cut ties with one of the best quarterbacks ever, or bend to some of the demands from the 37-year-old quarterback.

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In previous times, a team might not think twice about moving on from a quarterback at that age. But Tom Brady’s unprecedented Super Bowl-winning season at 43 years old might be changing perspectives on that — and it’s apparently intrigued Rodgers himself.

In a discussion on The Rich Eisen Show about the Rodgers situation in Green Bay, Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer revealed that Rodgers has bought in to some of the message from Brady’s TB12 Method.

“His new motivation, what he said was, ‘I’m gonna see how long I can keep playing at this level,'” Breer said of Rodgers. “And he actually bought Tom Brady’s book, like ‘The TB12 Method,’ and adopted some of the principles there.”

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That might not mean that Rodgers has sworn off strawberries, but with the exercise regimen and diet clearly working for Brady, it’s at the very least interesting that a fellow topflight NFL quarterback is willing to try it out.

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Brady, of course, is at least partly responsible for Rodgers’ unhappiness in Green Bay, as he and the Bucs ended the Packers’ season with a memorable NFC Championship Game victory at Lambeau Field in January. Some workout and diet tips are the least Brady could give Rodgers to try to make up for some of that pain delivered  just a few months ago. Staff