By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Bill Belichick. Viral internet memes. They go together like peanut butter and hot glue.

It’s just not a mix that you see happen.

But Belichick always likes to use draft weekend to surprise the world, and he did exactly that on Saturday evening when he … played along with a viral meme inspired by his dog, Nike, a year ago on Nantucket.

As you surely recall, when the broadcast camera cut to Belichick’s remote location in his Nantucket home during the virtual draft last year, the head coach was not in his chair. Instead, Nike was propped perfectly in front of the coach’s laptops. An internet star was immediately born.

A year later, Belichick and his team were able to gather in the same place for the draft. But before the seventh round concluded, Belichick welcomed one more guest into the room to help make a decision.

Hall of Fame head coach. Hall of Fame executive. Historic ambassador for the game. Belichick’s been all of those things for quite some time. Now he can add this to the list:

Viral. Meme. Willing. Participant.


The eight picks Belichick made weren’t very shocking this year, but he saved his biggest surprise for last. Bill Belichick — the fiercest, most serious football coach alive — took 8 full seconds to joke around in the middle of a draft. Certainly, nobody on earth saw this one coming.