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SALEM, N.H. (CBS) – Police officers in New Hampshire were reunited with a young boy they were able to save when he started choking.

Salem Police said they recently received a call “that we never want to hear over the radio.” A young boy named Zeke was choking and beginning to change color.

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Officers and Salem firefighters rushed to the scene, and Officer Cody Sharpe began performing back pats. Sharpe’s action partially dislodged the blockage, and Zeke began to gasp for air.

Salem, N.H. police officers are reunited with a baby who they saved when he was choking. (Image Credit: Salem Police)

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Sgt. Nick Tuner, firefighters, and other Salem officers soon arrived and brought Zeke to an area hospital where he made a full recovery.

Zeke’s mother brought him to be reunited with the officers on Wednesday.

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“Great to see you, Zeke, and well done Officer Sharpe!” police posted. Staff