BOSTON (CBS) – The 12 sequestered jurors, comprised of seven women and five men, had to consider three weeks of testimony from 45 witnesses. WBZ Legal Analyst Attorney Jennifer Roman says the verdict speaks volumes about the type of case presented by the prosecution.

“The jury understood the medical testimony and understood the expert testimony in a way that was digestible to them. And in a way that they could process and render a verdict,” Roman said. “This was the best result the prosecution could have ever hoped for.”

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The jury deliberated for just over 10 hours before reaching a verdict. There were no jury notes, and there was no confusion, only consensus on all three charges: 2nd degree unintentional murder, 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter.

Roman says among the most compelling elements was the powerful video evidence.

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“The more telling piece of this is how important witnesses are and how important it is to intervene and not turn a blind eye and walk away,” Roman said.

Also potentially influential in the sentencing phase will be the testimony of minors. A circumstance Roman says that under Minnesota law could justify the judge handing down a lengthier sentence.

“We’ve got the issue of the cruelty, the degree of the crime, and the cruel nature of it. That’s an aggravating circumstance. The other aggravating circumstance is: did this crime happen in the presence of children?” said Roman.

Roman says she does anticipate an appeal. “I’m sure there’s going to be an appeal it’s almost a matter of course there’s going to be an appeal,” Roman said.

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Sentencing will happen in eight weeks. There are three other officers facing charges in connection to George Floyd’s death. They are expected to be tried together in August.

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