BOSTON (CBS) — The second week of Aaron Rodgers’ guest-hosting of “Jeopardy!” is in full swing, and the Packers quarterback was not pleased with the contestants’ sports knowledge on Tuesday night.

Early in the show, contestants were given a clue that should have been easy to guess, even for those without much of a sports background at all. The clue was: “In the 1960s these Midwesterners earned 5 NFL Championship trophies.”

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The answer, obviously, was the Green Bay Packers, aka the team Aaron Rodgers has played on for his entire career. None of the three contestants — Dennis, Norah, and Erick — buzzed in to even make an attempt at answering.

After the buzzer sounded, a perturbed Rodgers looked at them all incredulously, before answering in the form of a question himself.

“Green Bay Packers?” he said. “Dennis, go again. I guess.”

Rodgers’ disappointment only grew when Erick buzzed in to correctly answer “the Boston Celtics” on a different clue about an NBA team rattling off eight straight championships from 1959-66.

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“Oh, you know that one, huh?” Rodgers snapped back.

Rodgers — who has expressed a desire to become the full-time host of the show — tweeted his enjoyment of that particular moment.

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Between the contestants blanking on the existence of the Packers and last week’s mention of the infamous field goal call from January’s NFC Championship Game, Rodgers has certainly been taking some hits during his time on the show. All that time absorbing shots from blitzing linebackers and charging D-linemen has clearly prepared him well. Staff