BOSTON (CBS) — Bill Belichick and Tom Brady released powerful and endearing statements about Julian Edelman after the receiver announced his retirement from football on Monday. They are just two of the many heartfelt tributes for Edelman following his 12-year playing career.

And then there is Rob Gronkowski, who wished Edelman a happy retirement in true Gronk fashion Tuesday morning. Gronkowski sent out a Tweet highlighting Edelman’s nickname — The Squirrel — calling Jules “furry,” “cute,” and “feisty,” among other things

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The Tweet also has a video from Gronk’s days as a TV analyst (before he returned to catch passes from Brady as a Buccaneer), which goes into much more detail on “The Squirrel” moniker:

“He calls himself the squirrel. Wanna know why he calls him the squirrel? Because he is a squirrel,” analyst Gronk shouts. “He’s furry, he’s cute, he’s elusive, he’s feisty. And most importantly, whenever he gets a chance, he gets that nut. Just like he gets a first down, just like he gets a touchdown, just like he’ll get you a catch when you need it.”

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It’s certainly a quirky way to wish someone a happy retirement, but did we expect anything else out of Gronk? Staff