By Jacob Wycoff

BOSTON (CBS) – No, you’re not imagining this abnormal start to Spring. March 2021 went into the record books tied with the most sunshine for the month, according to Blue Hill Observatory.

Inversely, and as you may expect, where you have sunshine, you don’t have rain. Boston only registered 1.89″ of rain, almost 2.5″ below average for the month. That put March 2021 as the 19th-driest March on record for Boston.

If you draw that out since January 1st, the year-to-date standing is 7th place.

(WBZ-TV graphic)

It should come as no surprise that abnormally dry conditions have been growing across the state and across southern New England. Last week, just over 50% of the Commonwealth had those dry conditions, but after this rockstar of the last week, dry conditions have expanded. Now that level is over 75%.

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“Abnormally dry” conditions are a precursor to moderate drought, which areas may be on the path towards if the pattern doesn’t begin to change. Remember that Massachusetts spent most of the summer 2020 in drought conditions, triggering water restrictions and water bans.

Some towns spent September and October in severe drought. The drought subsided in the winter, but as of late, precipitations deficits have been the norm.

There is some rain in the forecast over the next week as a typical “April showers” pattern sets up.

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Hopefully we can squeeze out at least some rain the deficit doesn’t grow larger.

Jacob Wycoff