By Mike LaCrosse

PLYMOUTH (CBS) –News of Prince Philip’s death spread fast and has people all over the U.S. offering their condolences. At British Imports of Plymouth, the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh was the topic of discussion among customers and the shop’s owner Unity MaClean.

“As I was going by the shop today I thought I just have to stop in and say so sorry,” said one customer.

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Another added, “He did live a very long and full life. Has a lot of excitement.”

MaClean grew up in England and said her dad knew the prince.

“My dad use to play cricket on his team, they were great friends they had a wonderful time together,” she said.

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MaClean respected the Prince’s dedication to the country and appreciates how he was the queen’s sounding board for more than 70 years.

“He was about the only person who could turn around and say to her when she came up with an idea ‘what are you talking about that’s bloody stupid.’”

Royal watchers say the queen is now most likely to turn to her children to consult as she continues to lead the county.

“She’s very close with her daughter, Princess Ann, who it was said was Prince Philip’s favorite,” explained royal watcher Kelly Lynch, who is the managing editor for “I’m sure they are devastated. I’m sure they knew this day was coming because he’s 99 years old. He’s just two months shy of his 100th birthday. He was a legendary figure. He was a mainstay in their family.”

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“She’ll carry on as she’s supposed to and as she should do for the next 5 or 10 years however long she has left,” MaClean.

Mike LaCrosse