By Bill Shields

MARSHFIELD (CBS) – The Marshfield Fairgrounds were busy again on Friday, with people getting their vaccine shots, then driving away, proudly displaying their CDC cards.

And these cards are becoming more and more important. There’s even talk they could be required for some activities.

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“I can see airlines requesting it. I can see trains, where you are boarding a train, requesting it. Even places like movie theaters, restaurants, we don’t know. The cards are going to be very important,” said Michael Maresco, a regional vaccination site manager.

In the near future, the vaccination cards may be required any time people congregate inside.

So some people are taking safety measures, like laminating the CDC cards. But, before you do that, check first.

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“They’re putting a label on it that is a thermal label, which if you put it through a hot laminator, they can get really dark. So what we suggest is bringing it in. We’ll make a copy of it, cut the copy and laminate the copy,” said Dave Freed of the Marshfield Business Center.

Sandy Murphy just got her second shot, and wasted no time laminating the CDC card.

“Very valuable,” she said.

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And if you lose the card, you’ll have to get a copy from the state’s Department of Health. In the future, there’s no telling where we are going to need these. There’s talk already of a COVID vaccine passport. So keep it somewhere safe.

Bill Shields