BOSTON (CBS) — In case you missed it last week, there’s a rule proposal awaiting approval that would allow players a much greater variety when it comes to picking jersey numbers.

Namely, the proposal would allow receivers, running backs, and linebackers to wear jersey numbers in the single digits. It would also free up numbers in the teens for running backs, who currently can only choose numbers between 20-49, while wide receivers can pick numbers in the teens and the 80s. Linebackers have the 40s, 50s, and 90s.

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A lot of NFL players have to make a switch from their college numbers after getting drafted, and the potential for change got the Patriots’ social media team picturing a world where that never had to happen.

The results are … a bit strange to see, especially with some of the veteran players who have come to be closely associated with their Patriot jersey numbers. Nevertheless, check out the clever photo editing work for yourself:

Sony Michel wearing the No. 1 looks right, as he’s arguably known as much for his collegiate career at Georgia as he is for his work with the Patriots. But Julian Edelman dropping a digit to go with No. 1 is something that might make heads spin.

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Regardless, the rule has not yet passed. But if it does, we now have some idea of what it might look like on Sundays. Staff