By Liam Martin

CHARLESTOWN (CBS) – This could be the next workout phenomenon – an at-home virtual boxing system called LiteBoxer, made by a startup based in Charlestown.

“I love boxing, and I love movement,” says Eliza Shirazi, one of the LiteBoxer trainers. “And when I came across LiteBoxer, it was two of my favorite things that I already do.”

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Eliza and several others record training sessions, much like with the Peloton system, and LiteBoxer users follow along at home from a screen on their systems. The users then try to hit a series of pads in rhythm with music.

“This is not your average heavy bag. This is heavy bag 10.0,” says Anthony Crouchelli, another of the LiteBoxer trainers and the company’s director of talent.

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“We synchronize our lights to the rhythm-based punches, so every single time you’re punching, it has a performance background behind it, whether it’s power, output, speed or it’s accuracy,” says Anthony.

And perhaps the most fun part – you can compete against other users on each of those measures.

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The machine costs about $1,500 and the monthly subscription is around $29. You can learn more at