By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — Did you feel it? There were several reports Friday morning from people in Massachusetts and Rhode Island who felt buildings shake.

It wasn’t an earthquake, according to the United States Geological Survey. They said there was no seismic activity and no earthquakes have been detected in the region.

The USGS said it was possible that people felt a sonic boom from an aircraft, or an atmospheric event such as a meteor or space junk entering Earth’s atmosphere.

The FAA said it “does not have any reports of incidents, accidents or unusual atmospheric activities in the Boston area.”

“We have heard reports of people feeling shaking or hearing a “boom” type noise in parts of Southeast MA this AM,” the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency tweeted. “We are not aware of any damage & have been in contact with the
@USGS which reports no seismic activity/earthquake. We continue to monitor for any potential impacts.”

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