BOSTON (CBS) — That Tom Brady, he’s always quick with a joke, isn’t he?

The reigning Super Bowl MVP took note of his head coach making some headlines on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, after Bruce Arians got some permanent ink on his back to commemorate the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl win.

The large tattoo on Arians’ back was certainly attention-grabbing, so Brady decided to share that he, too, got inked. Brady, though, was joking. We think.

Obviously, Brady treats his body like a temple, so a tattoo would never happen. Nevertheless, it’s a humorous cap to a season that began with many people questioning how the relationship between Brady and Arians would work, especially after Arians pinned blame for some Week 1 picks on Brady’s shoulders.

Clearly, the two worked through any hiccups along the way, and now they have tattoos — one real, one not so much — to show for it. Staff