By Christina Hager

ROCKLAND (CBS) – The chaotic 19-mile chase that ended when police shot and killed a suspect in Quincy, began with an armed robbery at a 7-Eleven in Rockland. Security video shows the suspect, 36-year-old Eric Leach, point a handgun at two women behind the counter, grabbing a wad of more than $330 cash.

“I do feel very lucky that I missed it,” said Heather McDonough, a customer who walked in after it happened. By then, another customer had already helped lead police to the fleeing suspect. Neighbors say he even tried to get into a couple houses, when a veteran officer spotted him.

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Armed robbery suspect inside 7-11 in Rockland before police chase (WBZ-TV)

“My officer drew his service revolver, pointed it at him, told him to get on the ground. He refused to comply with the demand, in fact put his arms up and challenged the officer to shoot him, and walked at the officer,” said Rockland Police Chief John Llewellyn.

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He said the officer tazed the man, and when that didn’t work, the suspect jumped into the officer’s cruiser. “The officers then approached from the front of the vehicle, drew their service weapons, pointed it at the suspect in the vehicle,” said the chief. “He then backed up for about 12 feet, put it in drive, and then sped towards the officers.”

It turned into a chase joined by Abington Police. One Abington officer was hurt after he lost control, hitting a utility pole, his cruiser landing upside down. A Weymouth cruiser was also damaged.

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Broken rifle bracket inside stolen Rockland Police cruiser (Image credit Rockland PD)

Rockland Police shared a photo of the broken bracket inside the stolen cruiser where the officer’s semi-automatic weapon was mounted. “He was able to bend the metal brackets, and able to break that rifle out because he had so much time to do it,” said Chief Llewellyn. Fortunately the suspect never used the officer’s rifle. The chase lead to two stand-offs with police in Quincy, before officers shot him.

Christina Hager