By Staff

AUBURN (CBS) – Crews were asked on Thursday to clean up a large ink spill in Auburn that spanned nearly a quarter of a mile.

Spilled ink spanned about a quarter of a mile in Auburn. (Image Credit: Auburn Fire Department)

Auburn firefighters worked with the Department of Environmental Protection and other cleanup companies Thursday morning to mitigate the spill.

According to the Auburn Fire Department, the spill occurred Wednesday. It came from a truck making a delivery to a business on Southbridge Street. The truck was carrying a water-based envelope ink called “INXVelope”.

The ink spill stretched onto pavement and in waterways in the area.

Spilled ink got into Auburn waterways. (Image Credit: Auburn Fire Department)

The ink was deemed “non-toxic” by officials. As of Thursday afternoon, a private cleanup contractor for DEP has taken over for emergency personnel in continuing the clean-up. Staff