By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — There is a lot of smoke about Brad Stevens leaving the Celtics for the head coaching job at Indiana. And where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

Though occasionally where there is smoke, there is something else that could lead to some whacky theories. That seems to be what national reporters and analysts are pointing to in regards to the Hoosier rumors surrounding the Celtics head coach.

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There were a lot of rumblings that Stevens would be announced as Indiana’s new head coach on Friday — mere hours before the Celtics are set to host the Sacramento Kings. But SI’s Chris Mannix and Stadium’s Jeff Goodman have both shot down the notion that Stevens will be leaving the Celtics for Indiana.

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Given his Indiana roots, Stevens will always be connected to the IU job. Maybe something is in the works, but it would require Stevens to leave the Celtics in the middle of his eighth season with the team. That just doesn’t seem like Stevens’ style, especially given he just signed an extension with the team over the offseason.

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The rumors will likely continue until Indiana hires a new head coach. But for now, it’s being chalked up to a whole lot of online gossip. Staff