BOSTON (CBS) — LeBron James is now a part owner of the Red Sox, something that was met with mixed emotions from Boston fans when the news broke Tuesday. James has often been a thorn in the side of the Celtics, and there’s also that image of James rocking a New York Yankees hat throughout his career.

But this is a business after all, and James has proven over the years that he is quite the businessman himself. He’s excited and honored to be a part of the Fenway Sports Group, and now own a stake in one of baseball’s most storied franchises.

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“It’s great to be with such a great group with FSG. They’ve done so many great things over the years, and just that collective group of people, they’re amazing to be partners with,” James said Tuesday night after leading the Lakers to a win over the Timberwolves. “As far as the Red Sox, obviously a historical franchise and we know the history of the World Series championships they’ve brought back home to Boston, the players they’ve kept there and the legacy they hold in that area.”

James and his business partner, Maverick Carter, are now the first Black men to ever be part of the Red Sox ownership group.

“I think it’s pretty damn cool,” said James. “It gives me and people that look like me hope and inspiration that they can be in a position like that as well. That it can be done.”

James said that his ultimate goal is to own an NBA franchise, something he sees happening in the near future.

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“I know what it takes to win at this level. I know talent and I know how to run a business,” he said confidently. “So that is my goal, to own an NBA franchise. It will be sooner than later. ”

Boston manager Alex Cora was caught off guard when asked about James’ ownership stake in the Red Sox after Tuesday’s Spring Training game. The skipper had a lot more thoughts on one of his newest bosses Wednesday morning.

“I’m a big fan of him. What he has done in the sport is unreal,” Cora said of James. “He’s impacted a lot of people. That is all I can say right now. From afar, it’s been amazing watching him do his thing.”

Cora compared James to other sports greats like Michael Jordan and Tom Brady, players who dominated in their respective sports but also had lasting impacts away from the game.

“It’s unreal what he does,” Cora continued on James. “He gets better not only on the field but off the field. From afar, I’m a big fan of him.”

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Cora doesn’t expect James to become a owner/player for the Red Sox, but did add that he believes LeBron could handle outfield duties if he ever wants to make the jump from the hardwood to the diamond. Staff