By Staff

ARLINGTON (CBS) — Third-grader Ike Palter has memorized the first 140 digits of pi. The Arlington boy told WBZ-TV this latest talent is because there hasn’t been much else to do during the coronavirus pandemic.

“During coronavirus, there wasn’t many things to do, so memorizing pi was fun,” said Ike, who attends Dallin Elementary School.

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Initially, his goal was smaller, but he kept going.

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“My parents were setting challenges for pi. My mom said if I memorized the first 48 she would give me a dollar, then if I memorized 60, she would send a video to my teacher, then if I memorized 100, she would send it to the news,” Ike explained.

Ike’s accomplishment came just in time for “Pi Day” on Sunday.

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He can also solve a Rubik cube. Despite his passion for math, Ike isn’t sure what he wants to be when he grows up. Staff