By Rachel Holt

BOSTON (CBS) – Louis Phipps has dreams of being a professional musician. He’s written more than two dozen original songs. Oh, and he’s nine-years-old.

“I saw a little puddle in the street and I took that to my mind and I expanded it and I had a pond, and so that’s what I wrote about,” said Phipps about his song titled “Pond.” He’s been playing the ukulele for six years, starting out at the age of three.

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“I would go around the house just you know strumming, not even having my hand on the fretboard to play chords- just strumming and playing Johnny Cash songs,” said Phipps.

“He’ll go from playing a song really seriously to his Legos for two hours,” said Phipps’ mother, Annie Salsich.

Phipps caught the attention of Boch Center CEO Joe Spaulding, who invited the Northampton musician to perform on stage at the Wang Theatre.

“Here is this young man who is taking it very seriously and it just seemed like, ‘God we should give him a chance to do something special,’” said Spaulding.

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Phipps played four of his original songs, saying afterwards, “I mean the acoustics are amazing- it’s huge!”

Next up, the third grader is set to release his debut album, “Louis Phipps and Friends: We are Together,” a collection of songs he wrote over the last year.

“It features Louis of course and 20 other musicians from around the country, including Chris Thile, Chris Eldridge, The Suitcase Junket, Anand Nakak, Corey Laitman,” said Gabriel Phipps, Louis’ father.

“What I love most- I mean there’s so many things. The idea that when I’m playing music, even if it’s just to my parents, or to myself, I can spread joy, honestly,” said Phipps.

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Sometime in the next two weeks, Phipps’ album will be released here:

Rachel Holt