PLYMOUTH (CBS) – When Phyllis Kimball was admitted to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth in January, her one concern was that her wedding ring stay by her side. She didn’t want it out of her sight. A few weeks later she passed away and when her family came to collect her belongings the ring was gone.

“When I picture my grandmother I see her wearing that ring,” said Shari Kimball Hill. She said the ring with three rows of diamonds, meant everything to her nana. The 84-year-old didn’t trust anyone with it, unless they were family.

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“She would not ever take it off,” Shari said. “So when they were like you know it’s getting kind of big we’re going to take it off and put it in a safe she was like absolutely not, she’s like I don’t want it out of my sight.”

Phyllis Kimball’s wedding ring (WBZ-TV)

Shari said nurses taped the ring to her grandmother’s finger to keep it safe, but when she passed away on January 28 and Shari was allowed to say her goodbyes, she noticed the ring wasn’t on her hand.

“That was definitely one of her biggest concerns was losing the ring,” Shari said. “I’m kind of like frantically in the midst of grieving looking for the ring and I’m like I can’t find it anywhere.”

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Shari says hospital staff told her they would look into it, but weeks later there was still no ring. The hospital released a statement saying in part, “When a patient or family member raises a concern about a missing belonging, we take it very seriously and conduct a thorough investigation, including speaking with staff members and performing a rigorous physical search of the areas.”

The last time Shari spoke with the hospital, she said they offered her $500. “It really just felt like a slap in the face,” said Shari, who says the ring was appraised at $4,000.

She also said it’s not about the money. “I don’t know it’s just it’s a very priceless, precious family heirloom that honestly it’s irreplaceable,” she said.

Plymouth Police are now involved in tracking down the ring. Shari hopes a unique sizing feature will make it easy to spot. “It’s literally just like a bridge that just goes from one side of the other,” she said.

If it is out there, the family just wants it back no questions asked. “I don’t even want to press charges I just want the ring back like I don’t even care,” she said.

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Plymouth Police say this is an active investigation anyone who may know where the ring is should give them a call.