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BOSTON (CBS) — What are people naming their dogs in Boston? Licensing data from 2020 just released by the city shows what the most popular dog names are.

Luna is the No. 1 name in Boston, according to the list, followed by Bella, Charlie, Lucy and Lola.

The reason behind releasing the most popular names is to encourage dog owners to license their pet ahead of the annual March 31 deadline. Dog adoptions have increased since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and dogs in Boston need a new license every year.

“A license is your dog’s fastest ticket home if they become lost, and it’s the law,” said Animal Care and Control Director Alexis Trzcinski in a statement. “A dog license is like an ID for your pet. If they ever get lost, the chances of you being reunited are much higher with a license.”

The fine for not licensing a dog in Boston is $50. It costs $15 to license a dog that has been neutered or spayed, and $30 for an intact dog.

Click here for more information about dog licensing in Boston.

Here’s the full list of the 25 most popular dog names, provided by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department’s Animal Care and Control Division:

  1. LUNA

  2. BELLA


  4. LUCY

  5. LOLA

  6. DAISY



  9. MAX

  10. PENNY

  11. OLIVER

  12. TEDDY

  13. MAGGIE

  14. STELLA

  15. OLLIE

  16. MOLLY

  17. LILY

  18. SCOUT

  19. ROCKY

  20. MILO

  21. BUDDY

  22. RILEY

  23. FINN

  24. COCO

  25. WINSTON Staff