By Terry Eliasen, Meteorologist, WBZ-TV Exec. Weather Producer

BOSTON (CBS) – Is it just me or does Christmas seem like ages ago?

Well, next week we are likely to experience something that we haven’t felt since Christmas Day. No, Santa isn’t coming down for a visit, but perhaps something nearly as exciting – 60 degrees!

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Seventy-five some-odd days between 60 degree readings is quite a long time. In fact, it is sort of unusual. In an average year, Boston typically has two 60+ days in the months of January and February, call it a mini-respite from winter.

In January and February of 2020 (last winter), we had three 60+ days and two 70+ days!

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Despite the fact that this winter hasn’t been particularly cold, we just haven’t had any true “spring-fever” type days. Never mind 60+, since Christmas Day, Boston has had just three days over 50.

January 16: 52 degrees
February 24: 50 degrees
March 3: 50 degrees

Compare that to last winter, January 1 through March 5th of 2020, and Boston had 18 days of 50 or higher!

I think you get the message, next week is gonna feel real warm.

How warm are we talking?

Keep in mind that average high temperatures for next week in Boston are right around 44 degrees.


We get back to “normal” after a very chilly weekend. Highs in the 40-45 range


And we’re off! Most of southern New England hits between 55 and 60 degrees.

Warmest spots: South of Boston in interior Bristol and Plymouth counties (near 60)

Coolest spots: Elevated areas in Berkshires and Worcester Hills (50-55) and immediate South Coast, Cape and Islands will be stuck in the 40s due to cool winds off the ocean

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Record high in Boston: 77 degrees in 2016


Perhaps the best day of the bunch with a good deal of sunshine and very mild temperatures. Most of the area will reach highs between 60-65 degrees.

Warmest spots: Areas just north and west of Boston with snow cover likely all but gone there now (64-66)

Coolest spots: Southern Plymouth and Bristol counties due to a strong southwesterly wind bringing in chilly ocean air (50s) and Cape Cod and the Islands 45-50. Also a tad chillier in elevated areas of Worcester County and western Mass. (50s)

Record high in Boston: 71 in 1878


The day of the front. A cold front approaches from the northwest late in the day. Many times the final day of a warm spell is the warmest, but the complicating factor here will be increasing clouds cover with some rain showers possible late as well. Again, lots of folks should still see low to middle 60s.

Warmest spots: Same as Wednesday, just west of north of Boston or whichever areas get lucky and see the most sunshine (mid 60s)

Coolest spots: Same deal, South Coast (50s) and even some upper 40s on the outer Cape and Islands. Worcester Hills and Berkshires also remain largely in the 50s

Record high in Boston: 67 in 1990 (this is our best chance of getting anywhere near a record next week)

And now the caveat and sober reminder – this is still March in New England.

This will not last.

It is typical here in spring to get warm spells like this but just as typical to go the other way very quickly.

Don’t put the snow shovels away just yet. Enjoy it while it lasts, take note of the flower buds popping and birds returning and then get ready to get back to reality in all likelihood. Because, that truly IS spring in New England. Ups and downs, highs and lows, snow and sunshine – a bit of everything. That’s why we love it here, right?

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