By Staff

ATTLEBORO (CBS) — The South Attleboro MBTA Commuter Rail station has shut down until further notice. The closure is because of the rusted-over pedestrian bridge, which has been a concern for years.

In August of 2019, one commuter told WBZ-TV she refused to even use the stairs. Attleboro State Rep. Jim Hawkins said there had been numerous complaints and “if [the bridge] was a car, it wouldn’t pass inspection.”

The Commuter Rail tweeted Friday: “Due to concerns about deteriorating structural conditions on the pedestrian overpass at South Attleboro Station on the Providence/Stoughton Line, the station will be closed effective at 10 PM this evening, Friday, February 26, 2021.”

MBTA riders who get on at the South Attleboro Commuter Rail station say the stairs and overhead walkway they use to get to their trains are falling apart. (WBZ-TV)

The MBTA did not say when the station would reopen. Staff