By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — It feels like several lifetimes ago, but it was only 10 or 11 years ago when Tom Brady and Justin Bieber were linked for their similarly styled hairdos.

Those were the days.

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Perhaps it was that connection that appealed to Brady this week when he came across a throwback photo tweeted by Justin Bieber.

Whatever it was about that Bieber post that got Brady thinking, the end result was a picture that has always lived in infamy in New England: the Brady baby goat picture.

The photo from Brady didn’t necessarily come with any context, but perhaps it didn’t need to. The picture has become a bit of a legend in and of itself over the years.

Its origins trace back to a photo shoot for GQ, in August 2005, when Brady was on the cover. Part of that work included, for some reason, posing with a baby goat.

At the time, nobody involved could have known that Brady would actually become the GOAT, aka the greatest of all time. Granted, the GQ article was about that very topic, with the speculative headline, “The Best There Ever Was?” But at that point, when Brady was a three-time Super Bowl champion, he still had a lot to accomplish before actually earning that title.

Now with seven Super Bowls, five Super Bowl MVPs, all the records a QB could ever want, and an insatiable drive to keep playing in his mid-40s, he’s answered the question quite definitively.

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Brady took a lot of ribbing in the locker room for that GQ photo shoot, from the likes of Matt Light in particular. But, you know, maybe Brady knew what he was doing all along. Take a picture with a goat, become the GOAT, grow Bieber hair, post the goat picture while quote-tweeting a Bieber picture, and then soak in the sweet, sweet social media engagement that only a megastar can generate. Staff