By Staff

MIDDLEBORO (CBS) – A horse in Middleboro is now a TikTok star and it’s all thanks to her morning donut routine.

Zoey got sick last spring and now has to take 75 pills a day. It was a struggle to get her to do that until her caretaker started stuffing them inside jelly donuts from Dunkin’ each morning.

Zoey, a viral TikTok star from Middleboro. (Image Credit: Amy Bradford/TikTok)

“It’s not ideal, because it’s more for the sugar than anything else, but it got those pills into her in the smallest treat I could possibly get,” Amy Bradford of Bradford Stables said. “I’d like to state I don’t recommend feeding donuts to your horses, but it saved her life, for sure.”

She posts videos of the daily exchange on TiKTok and they recently went viral, getting hundreds of thousands of likes from people all around the world. Staff