By Rachel Holt

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a chance to own a piece of history, with items ranging from lottery tickets to John F. Kennedy’s Harvard sweater. Boston-based RR Auction is accepting bids for almost 300 Presidential artifacts through February 18.

Bob Eaton, CEO & Founder of RR Auction, said, “You hold that letter and you’re thinking to yourself, ‘George Washington wrote that letter? Abraham Lincoln held that?’”

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Executive Vice President of RR Auction Bobby Livingston said, “Washington himself- this is before he was a General or a President- had to sign each lottery ticket to make it official.”

JFK’s Harvard sweater up for auction (WBZ-TV)

As for JFK’s sweater, Livingston said, “Mrs. Kennedy after the assassination was being interviewed by a CBS cameraman and he was cold so she went and retrieved this sweater and let him have it.”

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“We have things starting at $100 into five figures so it’s an incredible history lesson of U.S. Presidents,” said Livingston. One of the big-ticket items- locks of George and Martha Washington’s hair, with an estimated value of $75,000.

Livingston said, “Some of the most valuable presidential artifacts interestingly are presidential hair. In the 18th and 19th century it was not out of the realm to take a lock of hair as a remembrance.” He added, “We actually sold a lock of Lincoln’s hair last year for over $80,000 dollars.”

“You could take current events and past events, kind of mesh those two together and a lot of things that they’re writing about 100 years ago- in a lot of cases they’re the same things they’re talking about on the news today,” said Eaton.

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Rachel Holt