By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts State Police are urging drivers not to “be these guys,” sharing pictures from recent storms when people failed to clear snow off their cars.

“With more ‘weather’ here today, we remind motorists to clean snow and ice from their vehicles before heading out on the roads. If you don’t, you’re creating a safety hazard for others (and for yourself) and will be pulled over if we see you,” police posted on Tuesday.

Police said snow on windshields not only blocks the driver’s vision, but can also blow into the line of site for others. Snow in the open bed of a truck can also blow out and cause a snow squall, police warned.

“And please don’t pull the ‘I will clear just my half of the windshield or make a porthole to look out’ thing,” police posted. “That still causes a hazard to yourself and others. It’s like driving with a front passenger seat crammed full of inflated balloons.”

Roads are messy in some parts of the state on Tuesday as several inches of snow is expected to fall. Staff