By Mike LaCrosse

LOWELL (CBS) — Moving two feet of snow was an all-day event in Lowell Tuesday. “My back is killing me right now,” said one Lowell resident.

Monday’s nor’easter left behind about 24 inches of snow in the city.

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“I can definitely tell we’re the jackpot,” said Katie Pelton. She is tackling the mountain of snow in front of her home in shifts.

“I woke up early before school to start with the walkway and get the bottom of the driveway and back out again to sort of finish it off and try to her to my car,” she said.

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When WBZ-TV met Ron Casaubon this afternoon he said he still had about three hours left of work left moving the snow. “I’ve been up since seven o’clock there is a back of the house and now we’re doing the front of the house,” said Casaubon.

Luckily, his family came over to help him out.

“This is a lot. This is only part of it. In the back, he has a really big driveway so the four of us are out here trying to dig him out cause this is a lot,” said Angela Casaubon.

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The parking ban in Lowell was lifted at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Mike LaCrosse