By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Every year, hundreds of college players are scouted and analyzed and hyped up by the experts in advance of the NFL Draft. Julian Edelman was not one of those players.

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A mobile quarterback from the 4-8 Kent State Golden Flashes, Edelman didn’t exactly have a parade of teams busting down his door for interviews. But Bill Belichick liked him, took him in the seventh round, told him that he’s a wide receiver now, and the rest is history.

Yet on Tuesday, when news broke that EA Sports was resurrecting its college football video game series, Edelman celebrated by making up for the lost experience of being a big-time college football star.

Edelman’s social media team got to work quickly to Photoshop Edelman onto the cover of the game, and the result was wonderful:

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Edelman didn’t get to grace the cover for the 2010 edition of the game. That honor went to Mark Sanchez (PSP), Brian Orakpo (PS2), Brian Johnson (PS3, and … huh?), and Michael Crabtree (Xbox 360). Edelman probably won’t land on the cover of the game this time around, on account of being a 34-year-old man. But he’s probably got enough pull to get himself a custom version, once the game finally does return.