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BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker urged people to stay home with a nor’easter bearing down on the region while the state also juggles challenges presented by the COVID pandemic.

Full Details: Nor’easter To Hit New England Monday Into Tuesday

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Much of the state is expected to receive a foot of snow or more Monday afternoon into Tuesday.

Baker said anyone who has a coronavirus vaccine appointment that needs to be rescheduled will be contacted by the provider. Anyone who doesn’t feel they can safely make their appointment will be allowed to reschedule directly with the provider as well.

The state has 3,900 pieces of snow clearing equipment available for the storm.

“If you don’t need to travel later today or tomorrow morning we would urge you to stay home, and we ask everybody do their best today to stay off the road – especially later today and into the evening,” said Baker.

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The governor said one benefit of the COVID pandemic is that snow cleanup will be easier with so many people working from home.

“One of the things you worry about the most – which is everybody deciding to go home from work at exactly the same time all the plows hit the streets – is just really not the kind of concern that it would traditionally be,” said Baker.

The MBTA has snow trains planned to run throughout the night and on Tuesday to keep tracks clear.

Baker said staffing levels for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation are better now than at previous points during the pandemic.

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“We are impacted and are taking all the necessary precautions and protocols, but we’re confident we have the staff for this event,” Baker said. “Two months ago, plus or minus, I would have been a lot more concerned about it.” Staff