By Cheryl Fiandaca

ATHOL (CBS) – Rose and Ed Bartok said their bathroom remodel took a lot longer and ended up costing them a lot more. Ed tells WBZ, the couple planned on getting a shower surround, but had to go a different route, tiling and getting a whirlpool tub.

Hoping to keep costs down, they ordered an easy install a three-piece shower kit from Lowe’s, but it arrived cracked and damaged. They then had to wait weeks for a replacement and just before it should have been delivered, they got a message from the store telling them the second shower kit also arrived damaged.

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“At this point I had no faith in the product with two in a row damaged,” Ed said.

Ed paid more than $1600 dollars for the shower – and charged it to his credit card, thinking it would be an easy transaction to cancel it and get reimbursed. It wasn’t.

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After weeks of calling looking to get their money back, Rose contacted the I-Team. “The day after I reached out to you he got a call from Lowe’s,” Rose said.

Ed says that within a few days he was issued a refund.

In a statement Lowe’s said, “Our customer service team has worked with Mr. Bartok to reach a resolution.”

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Ed said, “This was almost $1700 which is a pretty good chunk of money when you have nothing to show for it. They sure got on it after they heard from you guys.”

Cheryl Fiandaca