BOSTON (CBS/CNN) — The next 10 days will make history, just because of their dates. Wednesday marks the beginning of a string of palindrome dates.

That means their numerical dates are the same forward and backward. Wednesday is 1-20-21, Thursday is 1-21-21 and the pattern will continue through the 29th.

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There will be another string of palindrome states in December, starting with 12-1-21.

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, this is the first palindrome-number Inauguration Day, with the next one occurring in 1,000 years on January 20, 3021.

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Palindromes can also be phrases, such as “rats live on no evil star,” “never odd or even” and “a man, a plan, a canal, Panama.” The phrase “A Toyota’s a Toyota” can continue as a palindrome forever, as in, “A Toyota’s a Toyota’s a Toyota…”

Palindrome comes from the Greek words “palin,” which means “again, back” and “dromos,” meaning “running,” according to A palindrome, then, is a word or phrase that runs back on itself.

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