By Rachel Holt

WEYMOUTH (CBS) — Thirty-one Chihuahua-type dogs were taken from a Weymouth home last Monday. The Animal Rescue League of Boston said the animals were rescued from unsanitary conditions which were likely caused by overcrowding.

“There’s carpets and things like that were in deplorable conditions so not good conditions, and this is a family living there too so we have concerns and that’s being addressed by the Weymouth officials as well,” said Lt. Alan Borgal of ARL.

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He said there was an illegal kennel operation inside the home. “There are concerns that this has happened before,” Borgal said.

One dog needed emergency attention and was immediately taken to an animal hospital.

ARL’s Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center took and examined 20 dogs. Several were diagnosed with heart murmurs and dental diseases but the majority of them will be available for adoption later in the week.

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“Some of them may need a dental surgery with extractions before they get adopted,” said Animal Rescue League Pet Placement Supervisor Julie Fox. “The rest of them seem to be in pretty good health- just a little bit overweight.”

The other dogs were taken to the Scituate Animal Shelter.

ARL asks anyone who knows of an overcrowding situation to call ARL Law Enforcement at 617-426-9170 x110 or email them at Overcrowding can lead to health problems and behavioral issues for animals.

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You can check out the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s website for adoption details or email the adoption center at

Rachel Holt