By Beth Germano

CONCORD (CBS) – It’s a sudden expansion for New Hampshire: Vaccines for anyone 65 or older, not just high-risk groups, under phase 1B, which now includes about 25 percent of the state.

Governor Chris Sununu, like many states, wants to get New Hampshire in the pipeline for increased vaccine shipments but some are skeptical.

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“I would love to see everyone vaccinated as fast as possible, but it does seem a lofty ambition at this point,” said Brendan Williams, president of the New Hampshire Health Care Association.

The governor is following new CDC guidelines, but the question that follows is whether there will be enough vaccine to meet the new demand.

New Hampshire resident Sally Merrill is glad the state is offering the vaccine to anyone older than 65, though she is concerned the rollout could be chaotic. (WBZ-TV)

“We’ve used the analogy that it’s like building an airplane as it’s being flown. We have to adapt as we’re going,” said David Ross, a member of a state vaccine advisory panel. Those who qualify can get on a state website starting January 22 to sign up for appointments.

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It’s just what 70-year-old Sally Merrill wants to hear, though she is concerned the rollout could be chaotic. “The problem is going to be can I get on the site to sign up for an appointment and how far out is that appointment going to be?” said Merrill.

The expansion could add about 100,000 people to the current program. Governor Sununu admits he’s relying on increased shipments from the federal government, but that’s not yet guaranteed. “We’ve been promised it will go up. One thing I’ve learned from the federal government is don’t bank on that 110 percent,” said Governor Sununu.

Getting appointments will depend on the availability of the vaccine. New Hampshire currently gets about 18,000 doses a week.

Brendan Williams hopes it’s not an overpromise. “The state had developed a careful plan when it came to vaccination, including which age groups to be vaccinated, which priorities are vaccinated, and I think that’s all out the window.”

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Governor Sununu said he’s trying to make the signup as simple as possible but is urging patience.

Beth Germano