By Cheryl Fiandaca

BOXFORD (CBS) – Kathy Whitman has two file folders packed with statements, notes and bank emails, all part of her six-month effort to try to correct a series of fraudulent charges on her Barclay’s credit card that started back in June.

“They told me I had been hacked by the Russians,” Kathy said describing her initial call to the bank.

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Kathy thought she was all set when she received a letter from Barclays in August saying that she was not responsible for the charges. The bank canceled her card and issued her one with a new account number. But she soon realized the fraudulent charges were transferred to that new card.

“I would have to call and call and call, but they still kept charging me. It was like talking to a brick wall,” she told WBZ-TV.

In the meantime, she was racking up interest and late fees.

“I was getting angry,” she said.

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After months of trying to straighten it out, she contacted the I-Team’s Call for Action.

“You made a phone call and within 24 hours, I got a call from Barclays. Eventually we got it all straightened out. It was an employee error,” she said recalling what a bank representative told her over the phone.

In an email Barclays thanked WBZ for bringing the issue to their attention and said it was promptly resolved.

Kathy’s advice for anyone with a consumer issue?

“Call, write, get you on the case. Don’t wait six months like I did!”

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Cheryl Fiandaca