By Tiffany Chan

WALTHAM (CBS) – A car plowed into Dion’s Liquor Store in Waltham on Saturday afternoon while customers were inside, leaving a gaping hole in the place.

The owner of the establishment, Peter Dion, says the only way he can describe this is as a close call. That’s because his employees, customers and the driver did not sustain any serious injuries.

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“An older woman, probably…close to 80, came out of the Post Office, I believe, and stepped on the gas instead of reverse,” Dion said.

A car crashed into Dion’s Liquor Store in Waltham on Saturday. (Photo Credit: Gloria Ortiz)

Dion told WBZ-TV that the woman crashed through the registers and was able to walk away. Thankfully, there were not any customers paying at the time, but one of his employees wasn’t so lucky.

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“He was behind the counter. His calf got pinned. We were able to get him out. And he was walking on it, but we took him to the hospital just to make sure everything is ok,” said the owner.

Even though it’s going to take weeks to repair the damage, Dion maintains a positive outlook, telling us the counter top and bottles can easily be replaced.

“It looks a lot worse than it is,” he said. “You just take it in stride, and you thank god no one got hurt.”

And despite there being a massive hole in the front of the liquor store, the owner says people have been stopping in all evening, hoping to buy some alcohol.

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But after cleaning up on Saturday, Dion hopes to have his store open by Sunday morning.

Tiffany Chan