By Mike LaCrosse

BOSTON (CBS) — A sign posted outside an Allston diner about the coronavirus is getting some attention. The Breakfast Club owner George Athanasopoulos posted the sign outside his diner informing customers why they don’t have to wear a mask inside.

“The meaning is we’re not going to be pushed around, we can’t be pushed around,” said Athanasopoulos. “It’s more or less just to stir the pot for Governor Baker like ‘listen, you can’t make us not do this.'”

The mask exemption signs said if you have a health condition you don’t have to wear a mask and since the staff can’t legally ask someone about their health they assume anyone without a mask has a condition and is welcome.

Athanasopoulos said it’s just a statement and that in reality people are coming in with masks and his staff all wear masks as well.

He said he’s more upset with the extension of restrictions on small businesses.

“It’s back down to the 25% that the governor announced two weeks ago and that’s killing us,” said Athanasopoulos.

A sign posted at The Breakfast Club in Allston (WBZ-TV | Mike LaCrosse)

Boston City Councilor Liz Breadon said the sign sends a bad message.

“This is a serious virus that we’re dealing with and it requires that everyone try and adhere to the public health guidelines as best they can,” said Breadon.

A city inspector showed up at the diner Friday following a complaint about the sign.

An inspectional report shows the business does have several violations that are not related to the coronavirus. The report notes all staff and customers were wearing masks and coronavirus guidelines were being followed.

“We’re doing all the safety protocols, which we did from day one,” said Athanasopoulos.

Mike LaCrosse