By Staff

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS) – A Massachusetts man and a New Hampshire resident were among dozens of people arrested Wednesday during the riot on Capitol Hill.

Chaos erupted at the Capitol as Congress counted electoral votes, the largely ceremonial final step in affirming President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. An angry mob of rioters — many waving Trump flags or carrying Trump gear — breached the building.

Four people died during the riots. Authorities said one woman was shot and killed by police and three people died from medical emergencies. Police said 52 people were arrested.

The Metropolitan Police Department said David Ross, 33, of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, was charged with a curfew violation and unlawful entry.

U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Andrew Lelling said anyone from the state that participated in the Capitol Hill riots will be prosecuted fully.

Yesterday’s events in Washington were shocking and, once peaceful demonstrations turned violent, they became criminal. The Constitution protects the right to freedom of speech and assembly. What is does not protect is a violent assault on government institutions. Americans on the right and left must re-learn the difference. Anyone who traveled from Massachusetts with the intent to commit such crimes will be prosecuted in the District of Massachusetts.

Capitol Police arrested 14 people. Among them was Thomas Gallgher of Bridgewater, New Hampshire. He was charged with unlawful entry.

Metropolitan Police released a series of photographs Thursday looking for help identifying people of interest in the riot. Staff