By Rachel Holt

BOSTON (CBS) — The Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up” is currently filming in Boston, and here’s a reminder to look up because you never know who you’re going to see.

Brayan Craias works at Potbelly Sandwich Shop on Devonshire Street. On Monday, filming was underway right outside of the store, including scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

“Especially to have Leonardo DiCaprio right in front of me, that’s actually pretty cool. That’s like a once in a lifetime type of thing,” Craias told WBZ-TV.

Filming in the area is scheduled to continue over the next few days.

Bill Rodriguez is visiting Boston and came across the movie set after leaving his hotel.

“I saw Leonardo and I asked him for an autograph but he said he was rather busy,” he said.

Leonardo DiCaprio shot a scene for his upcoming Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up” in Boston, Jan. 4 2021. (WBZ-TV)

Production trucks line the street, while Howl at the Moon is transformed into what appears to be a seafood restaurant for the movie.

Maria Santos of Boston said, “it’s just completely different. For them to work this fast, it’s pretty amazing. And it’s cold out so good luck to them.”

Scott Albanese of Boston added, “they’re pretty efficient. They’re quiet and they seem to just get what they need to get done. Trucks move in and out but it’s been interesting to watch the process of creating a prop for the movie.”

Since November, filming has taken place at various locations in Massachusetts, like the Artists for Humanity building in South Boston. As of now there is no official release date.

“They took down a couple of the signs from the hotel, from the restaurant right next to us. They replaced them for other names, and it was pretty cool, basically the whole street they switched the whole thing,” said Craias.

So for the time being, keep a lookout. With a star-studded cast, you never know which Oscar winner you’ll come across

Rachel Holt