By Staff

WESTFIELD (CBS) – A piece of history was recovered in western Massachusetts.

A veteran told the Springfield Republican he stole a bronze sword from a statue in Westfield 40 years ago after a night of drinking.

Cindy Gaylord, the chair of Westfield’s Historical Commission, shows off a sword that was returned 40 years after it was stolen. (Image Credit: Springfield Republican)

He said he regretted it but never returned the sword until now.

He brought it to the town’s historical commission on Sunday.

“He had a great deal of shame and remorse,” Cindy Gaylord, the chair of Westfield’s Historical Commission told the newspaper. “He is a veteran and told me the fact that he did this to another soldier troubled him. He wants the story printed to remind people that something you do in your youth could haunt you for the rest of your life.” Staff