By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — Massachusetts could soon be naming its official dinosaur. Rep. Jack Lewis, a Democrat representing Framingham and Ashland, says later this month he plans to file legislation to designate an official “State Dinosaur.”

“With so much sadness and uncertainty in our world today, can you think of a better way to help kids (and those young-at-heart) learn about the legislative process than by naming an official Massachusetts State Dinosaur?” Lewis said in a social media post.

He’s created a survey for residents to vote on two choices: Podokesaurus holyokensis and Anchisaurus polyzelus.

Podokesaurus holyokensis means “swift-footed lizard of Holyoke,” Lewis said. The carnivore that was 3 to 6 feet long and weighing about 90 pounds was first discovered near Mount Holyoke in 1910.

Anchisaurus polyzelus is translated to “much sought after near lizard,” according to Lewis. He said the small herbivore’s bones were first discovered in 1855 in Springfield, and it was among the earliest dinosaur remains on the continent “to be described by science.”

“While they aren’t the largest dinosaurs to roam the planet, they begin to tell the story of how dinosaurs came to rule the Earth,” Lewis said.

Whichever dino gets the most votes in the survey will be proposed as the state’s official dinosaur. Staff