By Staff

BOSTON (CBS) — Cam Newton’s first season in New England did not go as planned, and the quarterback can’t wait to get out of town.

But his desire to go home has nothing to do with a disappointing 7-9 season with the Patriots or the cold weather. Newton is making a quick exit from the Northeast because the man really wants to get home and see his kids.

When Newton signed with the Patriots late last offseason, he decided not to uproot his family in Carolina and head to New England on his own. That meant for the last seven months, Newton was away from his children, relying only on video calls to see them every day.

That was not easy on Newton, who described himself as the ultimate family man during his Monday morning interview on WEEI.

“I’m the dad that takes their kids to daycare. I’m the screamer in the bleachers. I look forward to baths at night, reading them stories, making whack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, because daddy can’t cook. I’m the dad who will take a football session serious and tackle them as hard as I can, but kiss their boo-boos when they get tackled by dad,” Newton said Monday.

“I’m a hands-on dad, and when you take that away from him, it weakens him,” he continued. “I am leaving town on the first plane to go bite their cheeks and squeeze my kids to death. Well, not to death, but I’m looking forward to playing hide and go seek when I see my kids.”

Newton remains non-committal about his future in New England, but did say Monday that he will sign with a team a lot earlier than he did last offseason. Whether or not he returns to the Patriots remains a mystery.

For now, Newton just wants to get home and hug his kids. Staff