By Breana Pitts

GEORGETOWN (CBS) – When Ellie Sinkewicz retired, she took up painting, developed a network of friends and remained physically active.

But then the pandemic hit.

“I was going to the gym. I was doing a lot of water aerobics,” she said. “I can’t do that anymore; it’s hard.”

Feeling trapped in her Georgetown home, Ellie was looking for a way to get back into painting and connect with people. She found Your Teachable Moment, an adult education company that offers live, interactive classes via Zoom.

She signed up for a watercolor painting class taught by Lisa Walker of Weymouth. Walker, who also teaches on Outschool, an online learning platform for kids, told us she was thrilled to have an opportunity to work with adults.

Her class had about seven students logged in, following along with her techniques as she demonstrated them using two screens, one showing her face and the other focused on her paper and paint pallet.

According to Ellie, the ability to ask questions and interact with other students made it different from other online tutorials she has tried.

“It’s visual, we can see each other, we can show our work to each other,” Ellie said.

The site is the brainchild of Bolton resident Wendy Eldredge and two fellow online teachers from the Midwest.

“We started Your Teachable Moment out of a pretty dramatic need for connecting people,” Eldredge said. They started in August with an idea and a website. They now offer dozens of classes. “I think we are at 186 or so instructors right now.”

There are classes in technology, writing, wellness and exercise. There are cooking classes, including instructions on how to make a chocolate lava cake. Or if you want to jump on the chess bandwagon created by the Netflix hit, The Queens Gambit, you can learn that as well.

Many classes are $15 or less and some are free.

Ellie Sinkewicz takes a painting class on Your Teachable Moment. (WBZ-TV)

Ellie says she’s made some great connections with people in the classes and is looking forward to taking more.

“It’s a wonderful way to have some interaction without being in the same room.”

Breana Pitts