CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – The Animal Rescue League of Boston is praising an anonymous United States Postal Service mail carrier’s “incredible act of kindness” after they helped rescue a stray cat found along their route.

The USPS carrier found the cat during the holiday rush in early December in the Jackson Circle area of Cambridge.

According the Animal Rescue League, the carrier was feeding the cat, later named Jackson, and even built it a cardboard shelter to protect him from the elements.

The shelter made for Jackson. (Photo credit: The Animal Rescue League of Boston)

When temperatures began to drop, the mail carrier called the Animal Rescue League to have him taken off the streets.

Jackson is believed to be about eight years old and is extremely friendly. A veterinary exam revealed dental disease, several cuts, and a positive test for feline immunodeficiency virus.

Jackson. (Photo credit: The Animal Rescue League of Boston)

After a deep dental cleaning and having 10 teeth extracted, Jackson recovered and was adopted in time for the holidays. In his new home, Jackson is now named Teddy.

“ARL is grateful to this anonymous mail carrier and their incredible act of compassion and kindness to not only look after Jackson but to make sure he didn’t have to spend another winter on the tough streets of Boston,” an Animal Rescue League spokesman said. Staff