By Paul Burton

WAYLAND (CBS) – Staying in shape during COVID-19 is challenging but very important for Mary Redfeil from Stow. “It’s just so beneficial because without it at my age you begin to stiffen up and you don’t function as well and your mental attitude diminishes,” Redfeil said.

Due to a surge in coronavirus cases, Massachusetts has tightened restrictions. Across the state, health club facilities must to reduce capacity to 25%. In Boston, gyms are completely shut down.

“This is the time when people have the New Year’s resolution and it’s a busy, busy time and it’s not a busy time right now unfortunately,” said Laury Hammel, founder and CEO of Longfellow Tennis & Health Club in Wayland. He says his membership is down 50%.

Hammel said one of the greatest challenges is getting members to feel safe.

“Normally speaking we would be getting 50 to 60 new members. We were projecting maybe 20 this time,” Hammel said. “People are afraid to come in.”

With COVID-19 safety signs posted everywhere and a mask mandate, 85-year-old Dr. Kishor Mehta feels the club is the best thing for his mental and physical health. “They are very careful about everything,” Mehta said.

“We are still losing money every day,” Hammel said. “For us it’s a big challenge every single day. We are just so happy that we are open.”

Paul Burton